Mohawk Site Redesign

Original Mohawk Homepage

The Client

Mohawk MFG & Supply Co.

Mohawk is the largest independent parts source in the bus industry in North America. They are also engineering-focused creatives who develop their own line of quality products. Their original website design did little to reflect and highlight these achievements.

The Task

The design of the original Mohawk site hadn't been updated since 2007 and needed a fresh new look. The client wanted something modern that was easy to navigate and stayed true to the brand. They also emphasized the importance of easy customer interaction with the site.

Redesigned Homepage

The Design

The homepage design was inspired by the angles in the Mohawk logo and uses geometric shapes to mimic technology parts and reinforce the sharp edges. The Mohawk "blue" supports the brand as the dominant color on the page. The font, Raleway, was selected for its crisp lines and modern feel of a sans-serif.

The UX

The two main calls to action are placed in the forefront with a split screen selection: an easy login form for returning customers and a search functionality to drive new customers to parts that can be ordered immediately.

Hero split screen

An improved dashboard interface helps user navigate their account. The previous website had disorganized account screens and didn't incorporate any contrast to highlight what the user was looking at. The redesign presents organized tables with a clean layout and includes a hover effect upon each row to help the customer easily select the information they are looking for.

Redesigned Customer Dashboard